I would like to explain you why you must bulk upload posts to facebook with Postcron.

 First of all, I have to say it’s best way to get ahead on the office, since it allows social media scheduling all your posts that you would publish daily on any social networks in the next weeks in just a few minutes.

 In addition, uploading your articles in “Bulk” will make you free from all the task of having to login every moment you like to schedule an article.

 When you choose to upload articles in bulk is the only way to schedule a lot of articles at the same time that would automatically be shared on the social media on the times you decide.

 It’s quite similar to the way of scheduling articles with Postcron just with the option of adding a bunch all at once. 

 To start scheduling your articles in bulk, you only have to sit at your PC for a few minutes and follow this steps:

  1.  Create a google spreadsheet with all your articles that you like to share 
  2.  Login on Postcron and select your accounts where you want to schedule your articles 
  3.  Upload your bulk file to schedule network articles 
  4.  Postcron would publish your articles on the moment that you specified

Why Should I Upload Posts in Bulk in Facebook?