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Book Writing Tips to Finish a Novel in 30 Days

Now is actually the perfect time to entertain the thought of starting your lifelong dream, the one that’s always at the back of your mind. A dream that you genuinely wanted to start if ever there was time between projects, semesters and work. Book writing could seriously become a daunting and overwhelming task, don’t fret because almost all writers go through those feelings so these tips may help you out.

1. Enjoy the Process

There’s a higher chance of you actually starting the book when you’re looking forward to writing. The joy that you’re experiencing as you write will come across and be felt by the readers. As they say, life is short and the time we have to write all the books and novels we want are a lot shorter; don’t invest time in projects that you know are unenjoyable.

2. Learn More About Yourself

In case it’s unenjoyable in the end, that’s quite alright. Essentially, it’s what you want to discover whenever projects come your way; during the writing process, when your mind wanders to podcasts and sitcoms then take that as a sign. It all comes down to either you don’t feel like writing the book or the subject wasn’t as engaging or amusing as you thought.

3. Work Up a Sweat

Whatever it is you incorporate into the writing process, writing is still a motionless activity majority of the time. Research states that writers are more focused on their projects after working out in the morning; if writing is something you do first thing in the morning, schedule workouts in the afternoon. Keep in mind that this is long-term practice, an activity that continues even after the book has been completed.

4. Maintain the Allure

Maintain a pace and write every day or edit paragraphs at least. The main purpose here to keep the writer engaged, more than 48 hours away from writing the book changes you from a proud parent to a babysitter.

5. Settle Even for the Smallest Windows

Telling yourself that a meager 30 minutes a day is far from enough will hinder you from getting anything done. Work with whatever amount of time you can spare, in a couple of weeks the minutes and hours will add up.

6. Remember to Socialize from Time to Time

Don’t allow book writing, or any other similar project, transform you into a hermit. A considerable part of becoming a novelist or book writer is understanding basic human behavior and speak which you can’t do when you’re isolated.

7. Totally Embrace Your Day Job

A thing that’s harder than writing is writing as you worry about your business or salary. Never consider your day job as an obligation coming in second to your craft.

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