Apple is known for being a leader in innovation, and the introduction of their cloud based solutions now makes using an Apple brand mobile device easier and more secure than ever. Apple’s iCloud technology provides many benefits for users, and most are available at no additional fee. Anyone who uses an iPad, iPhone, or iMac should set up the following features to have the best possible experience across all of their devices.

iCloud Backup

There is nothing more frustrating than when a device fails and causes a user to lose all of their data in an instant. The iCloud backup feature is designed to prevent data loss by automatically creating a backup of all information and placing it on a secure server. In addition to preventing data loss, it also allows users to easily transfer information when they obtain a new device in the future.

Photo Syncing

Mobile phones are one of the most popular ways to capture memories through the use of photography. Apple’s photo syncing technology automatically takes pictures from a users phone and sends them to all of their other synced devices over the air. This enables a person to have quick access to their photos and eliminates the need for manually downloading photographs to a computer or tablet.

Find My iPhone

One of the most innovative icloud tips that every user should know about is Find My iPhone. If an individual misplaces their phone, they can track down its location by accessing the Find My iPhone portal via their other connected devices or an online user interface. They can also lock the phone down so it cannot be used and choose to have it emit a sound to help make it easier to find.

Apple has changed the way people use electronic devices, and their iCloud technology now provides more flexibility and freedom for those who use their products. Be sure to learn more about the various ways Apple is using the cloud to make using their devices more convenient than ever. It can save a person time and give them full control over their data without costing an arm and a leg.

Three Of The Biggest Reasons To Use Cloud Based Technology With Apple Devices