The Different Phases of Logo Design

Often times, when a business decides to focus more attention on branding, they will go into such endeavors with the idea that a logo is the brand. While a logo is important, it is only one step in the branding process. It is a fairly significant part of branding because a logo can be such an identifiable part of a businesses brand. That is why Logo Design is something that should be given a great deal of attention.

Don’t be a Copycat

A business, especially one just starting out or one that is looking for an entire reimagining, may have some ideas about a new business logo. However, before heading straight to the design phase, it will be necessary to do some research to make sure the preliminary design isn’t too similar to other more prominent designs or perhaps similar to one a competitor might have. While it may be impossible to do a truly exhaustive search for all related logo’s, spending a little time should ensure that the new logo design is as original as possible.

A Few Options

The next step is to start designing the logo. There will likely be a few different ideas and taking the time to develop those ideas will be crucial. Not every design will work, but sometimes a logo design may be able to be combined with another design to create something that is perfect for the business.

Final Adjustments

The last step is the testing phase. Often times, a logo might look quite nice on a computer screen when being designed, but that may not correlate well to letter head, business cards, vehicle placards or apparel. Sometimes the colors aren’t quite right. In any event, testing the logo design and making a few simple adjustments will ensure that the finished product is as perfect as it can be.

With as identifiable as your logo can be, it’s important to get the design right. In addition, if branding is what you’re after, a good logo will help in this task. It may take a bit of time, perhaps more than you thought it might, but with as important as a quality logo is for your business, it’s worth the effort.