Importance of Regular Oil Change People are getting attracted to auto maintenance because they now realize how important it is to save cash from this kind of endeavor plus maintaining your car properly will be better. Some people did their own auto maintenance including doing their own tune-ups. A lot of people tried to repair their car on their own and even doing some oil changes all by themselves. But as years passed, cars changed, being more complex and advanced lead the people to believe that they can no longer do it on their own. More people who would want to cut down on the expenses are trying to do simple auto maintenance like brake pad changing and oil changing. You can do all of these simple auto maintenance inside your garage. If you think about it, even if the task is simple, you still have to look out for yourself and your car. When working under your car, you should have a axle stand so that the car can rest on it and it will not fall on top of you, that could be very dangerous. You have to make sure that everything you need for the oil change will be ready before you open your open your car up. Be sure that you already have the oil on proper amount, proper weight and also having a oil filter. And you will need a drain pan for catching the oil, do not forget about that. If you have no idea about the proper amount and weight of the oil that you need, you can always check the service manual to be sure. If you do not have any service manual in your house, go check that kind of data on the internet, online supplier sites will have that kind of information.
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You need to know that auto maintenance will not be good if you start with a cold car, always warm up the car so that the oil will get warm as well. When the car is cold, it will take more time to drain everything. You can start by jacking up the car and placing axle stands under the car so that it will support the weight of the car while you get under the car and start working on the simple auto maintenance. Do not settle for the jack, using axle stands will be more stable. And then you can start with putting the drain pan under the engine and remove the drain plug. By removing the plug, it will drain out all of the used oil into the pan. And once everything is gone, you can put the plug back and put the new oil into the engine and you will be done in just a couple of minutes.The Key Elements of Great Services

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