Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Business

If you have a small business, you may not think much of the phone system you use. The crucial function that the phone system plays also goes unnoticed most of the time even when your business is running smoothly.

However, when you want to install a new system, you will be shocked at the wide choices available in the market. You are bound to find a phone system that will be suitable for your business needs. The systems have a wide variety of features and capabilities. Given the wide variety of phone systems, how do you determine which one will be right for your business? Read on for tips on choosing the right phone system.

Major Types of Business Phone Systems
There are two basic types of phone systems you are likely to come across during your research. The huge and confusing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is the most common one. One of the features of these systems is that they have dedicated operators. Modern PBX phones come in a variety of sizes. The phone systems are ideal for many businesses and are also affordable.
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As a small business, you can also go for the key system. This phone system has a key unit that controls other phones you may have. The key system is also known as KSU and enables you to control various features of every phone in your business including voice mail. The KSU ensures that no line is being used more than once at any time.
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KSU systems allow dialing of phones in your business through an extension number. Apart from this, you have the ability of supervising how the system is working to ensure all the needs of your users are met. You can expand the capabilities of the KSU with various communication software.

The KSU and PBX systems are popular with many businesses. The two systems use nearly the same technology. In the past, PBX systems were more advanced than the KSU systems. However, the systems share the same technology today. During your research, you may also come across phone systems with the same features of both KSU and PBX phones. The phone systems are called “hybrids” and can be easily adjusted to meet the unique needs of your company.

If you are running a business that has less than 10 employees, the recommended system to go with would be a KSU-less one. This system has the features and functions of a KSU system. The main difference is that the KS-less system does not have a central unit. Unlike is the case with most conventional phone system, you do not have to wire a KSU-less system to the building. Moreover, in case your business shifts to a new building, you can move with the phone system.

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