How to Solve Pregnancy Back Pains

Most women complain of back pains in their first trimester. It is not a new thing for women to experience this during this critical and unusual stage of their lives. This pains can be severe in the first weeks of pregnancy then disappear in the second trimester. This pain is increased by tension put on muscles in the right or left side of the back. This is the result of the increase of the pregnancy hormone progesterone in early days of pregnancy making soft the disks and supporting tissues. urinary tract infection occurring In pregnancy also results in back pains in some cases. Simultaneously your body weight increases and your gravity center is changed ending in increase in back pain. These are some of the things that you should do to relieve the back pain.

Physical exercise is the best solution to end your back pains while pregnant. Many drugs that alleviate back pains are not safe to use during the early pregnancy days, and therefore exercise offers the solution without risking your health and the developing baby’s health. Some of the exercises that can mostly help include taking a walk, mini-crunching, rocking of the pelvic lying flat on the ground or bending of knees and raising the buttocks. It is also a good exercise to bend your knees then raise your head when exhaling. Following these simple exercises which you can do without help can be useful in rubbing off your backaches with no necessity for medication.

Body postures, as well as body movements, also play a vital part. A good posture and body mechanics help one to free of backaches during early pregnancy. When standing, ensure that your back is perpendicular, this can help to avoid back pains. Right posture is vital in early days of pregnancy as well as in the later ones. In the later days the uterus becomes enlarged, you will need to lean back your shoulders to take off the additional weight, which then leads to back strain. These strains can be evaded by altering your body position after a short while when sitting and long-standing periods when not required.

Because of the many changes that are happening in a woman’s body during pregnancy, good sleep and doze are good things to do to help the body escape from the early pregnancy back pains. Discipline in the activities is important to alleviate backaches. you should seek medical help if the pains refuse to cease. Some physicians may recommend therapy sessions for the cure.

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