Important Tips To Use When Buying Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Devices The world has now adopted the use of PEMF devices when doing therapy It is as a result of the advantages that it has brought to their lives. Using the PEMF machine has improved the user’s immunity, enabled them to have stronger bones and have aided in the regeneration of their nerves. To add on, the users have also realized that they can sleep well, heal their wounds quicker, and the machine has decreased their pains. The number of people using this therapy machine has also increased. With the following tips, you will be able to realize these and more benefits by buying the best device. It is important that you go for that machine that will offer the full body coverage. It will be a disappointment to go for those cheap devices which cover some parts of your body. Buying the machine from a company that sells full body mats will be an advantage because it comes with a local applicator. You will only be able to explore the real benefits that are brought by this machine if you buy the one that allows full body treatment. Some of these machines that you can easily find include the beemer 3000, MRS 2000, QRS Quatron, Magno- pro among others. There among those mats that cove the whole body. An important feature to consider about a good machine is the intensity. The machine that has the intensity of about 0 to 15 micro Testas is the best. The best devices are the ones with the lowest intensity according to research. The thought that the more the intensity, the better the devices are wrong. After some studies, it was shown that the effectiveness of a machine is high when the fields are less.
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The frequency a good machine should have is those frequencies that are close to nature. It is advisable to buy that machine not exceeding 15Hz mark. Nature produces magnetic frequencies of about 14 Hz. An average person has a brain that has frequency paten of between 0.5 to 15 Hz.
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Buying the PEMF device will require a lot of money. When you are buying, you should consider the warranty period that your retailer offers you. The perfect choice is going to the seller who will give you a warranty that will cover up to thirty-six months. Despite the price, the devices are susceptible, and a lot can happen during the first days that you are learning to use. It is important also to see the after sale services that you will receive from the seller. This in an excellent way will ensure that you realize more benefits of using the therapy machine.

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